Friday, June 15, 2012

Rotten & Undead Fey

Petite Crystals fell into a nightmare spell of corruption and the new kin, the so called Undead Fey, are searching your soul to possess...while their bigger Rotten cousins are just searching for your brain to grill for a sunday barbeque, should you run or visit this year's ZombiePopcorn Carnival?
Little Songbird (48,127,31)
Both will be released as exclusives at the Event running from June 15th till June 30th, then normally sold at the Temple. Here you can see a few previews, Hope you enjoy, 

Petites Undead Fey Previews:

Rotten (Extended sale version of the HappyZombieStrippers special, Halloween 2011) Previews:
Also don't forget the Current running 30L Seven Deadly sins Event, which wil last till June 17th.

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