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The seven deadly sins Hunt starts today and ends the 16 of June. Enaugh time to choose your sin?
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What are you searching for?
A pomegranate, the original fruit of sin (not as often though being the apple)

Every sin is associated to the traditional animal rappresenting them, find the creature and you will find your own sin.
Toad - avarice;
snake - envy;
lion - wrath;
snail - sloth;
pig - gluttony;
goat - lust;
peacock - pride.

SALIGIA is a name invented to rappresent the seven sins, a composition of the first letter of each sin from its latin names:
Superbia = Pride/Vanity
Avaritia = Greed
Luxuria = Lust
Invidia = Envy
Gula = Gluttony
Ira = Wrath
Acedia = Sloth
For a more complete and well written information sheet about the whole theme you can check the wikipedia page:

Each Mask is a personal interpretation of a sin, and will let you discover on your own how it fits. 
I will add here also the quotes for the wall trophies which I chose personally from Dante Alighieri's Inferno and Purgatorio Poems, and its translations.

Superbia Wall Trophy, 
from Purgatorio, canto X

Vero è che più e meno eran contratti    
secondo ch'avien più e meno a dosso;    
e qual più pazïenza avea ne li atti,
piangendo parea dicer: 'Più non posso'.
True is it, they were more or less bent down,
According as they more or less were laden;
And he who had most patience in his looks
Weeping did seem to say, "I can no more!"

Avaritia Wall Trophy, 
from Inferno, canto VII

Qui vidi gente più ch'altrove troppa,
e d'una parte e d'altra, con grand'urli,
voltando pesi per forza di poppa.
Here saw I people, more than elsewhere, many,
On one side and the other, with great howls,
Rolling weights forward by main force of chest.

Luxuria Wall Trophy, 
from Inferno, canto V

La bufera infernal, che mai non resta,
mena li spirti con la sua rapina;
voltando e percotendo li molesta.
The infernal hurricane that never rests
Hurtles the spirits onward in its rapine;
Whirling them round, and smiting, it molests them.

Invidia Wall Trophy, 
from Purgatorio, canto XIII

E come a li orbi non approda il sole,
così a l'ombre quivi, ond' io parlo ora,
luce del ciel di sé largir non vole;
And as unto the blind the sun comes not,
So to the shades, of whom just now I spake,
Heaven's light will not be bounteous of itself;

Gula Wall Trophy, 
from Inferno, canto VI

Urlar li fa la pioggia come cani;
de l'un de' lati fanno a l'altro schermo;
volgonsi spesso i miseri profani.
Howl the rain maketh them like unto dogs;
One side they make a shelter for the other;
Oft turn themselves the wretched reprobates.

Ira Wall Trophy, 
from Inferno, canto VI

Buio d'inferno e di notte privata
d'ogne pianeto, sotto pover cielo,
quant'esser può di nuvol tenebrata,
Darkness of hell, and of a night deprived
Of every planet under a poor sky,
As much as may be tenebrous with cloud,

Acedia Wall Trophy, 
from Purgatorio, canto XVIII

Ma questa sonnolenza mi fu tolta
subitamente da gente che dopo
le nostre spalle a noi era già volta.
But taken from me was this drowsiness
Suddenly by a people, that behind
Our backs already had come round to us.

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