Monday, June 25, 2012

summer of sanity

The summer poem
"I warn you ,
this is a somewhat
longer post and not featuring
any new release but...
there's a lot of interesting
to visit if you didn't yet and a
barechest guy.
(there's also me playing twister,
but am not barechest)
oh, Ligeia."

A.B. Normal - Sonets for Nudebutt est.1765

So comes this time of the year in which I do "the hunt".
Being pretty known for sucking at hunting and loosing hours to find something that is just on the table in front of me, am also pretty known for being quite evil when hiding things. Doing one hunt at least yearly reminds me to have mercy and behave more, not making things so damn complicated to find.
This year, as well previous years, I challenged myself with the Sanity Falls hunt, because:
1. It has a cool bloody story with a tortured woman
2.The starting setting is an amazing sim, where you can immerse completely in the story line and explore
3. The story follows you also while you hunt trough stores (no spoilers)
4. The places I had the chance to discover through the hunt were great
5. The hunt ends June 30, so I had to do it or would miss the game and Kiana would not make kinks with me.

Here's the starting point to the madpea hunt 
(you need a hud to play).
and here are some pictures:

As I mentioned above, I had the chance to discover some really great places which, unless stumbling across a pic on flickr or finding a blog post, I might have missed. (I don't find a lot of time to go around and explore in those last years, and I hate that)

Let's start with Warbug, I ended up being on that sim for almost 3 hours, buying half store, flying on my brand new dirty pig warbug and inviting over a bunch of friends, so it ended up with a hello kitty party.
Visit you must. Black Forest (174,61,21)

Another place is Boho Hobo. (Trillia (191,41,2114)
Go see for yourself, this sim is deep and special.

Then I went out of a store, that was a flashy coloured house, and realized I was in a kid's toy room... much to say here, but will just leave to you the fancy quotes.Thumper (82,53,105)

I never had a thing for Alice in Wonderland, but this museum dedicated to everything concerning the book, author and RL Alice was truly interesting. (Unfortunately no nude pics there, sorry guys) Mieville Shelley (44,175,24)

Second Life chartography: This is just plain awesome, makes you feel afterall it's not just bits and pixels but that we actually have some history and geography going out there.
Just awesome. New Kadath (34,29,22)
(the gallery was not directly part of the hunt, but found it through one of the participating stores)

I hope you enjoy visitng those places as I did,

... ah wait, the barechest guy, yes.

So glad it's finally summer.


Kiana Writer said...

Amazing post Alia.. I can't believe I missed you doing Twister!

Darkdreamz said...

A single rose of innocence
Brought to bloom...
Shrouded in a dark nest of derision
Brought to fruition...
Warnings of intent unheeded
Brought to bear...
Eyes of blood red haze
Brought to truth...
Gone but not forgotten