Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I like scales.

It's been obvious trough all those years that I like scales. I believe also my liking for glowing turquoise it's by now hard to deny.
Then finally...I enjoy the futile, the useless. Well at least what is seen as futile and useless by most life perspectives. I enjoy loosing time in projects and people I find worth, I love to dedicate myself fully too often to a big number of projects and sometimes I believe I am an actual immortal God....but the truth is: I am, just not in a good shape as I used to be. Sometimes life takes the toll over past habits, decisions and the results need to blossom. It's been the year of the dreams so far, a narcoleptic year and I am slowly awakening. 
It does feel good.

I believe it also became obvious I do enjoy gold framing and nudity.
Scales in draco tones plus bloodsnakes, which come in natural and blood tears editions, are now at sale at the Temple. Thanks for visiting Selidor


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