Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Last Spirits

Such a sad unintentional title has this post, it should have been "The Last Unreleased Creations: Spirits", but I would have probably lost your attention at the word "unr..."... here ... loosing you .... I can sense that...
Hold on a second, are you still here reading? 
Does it means I shall give you some content?
I'll never cease to do so, content creation makes my cells vibe and the more I Am faithful to my own imagination and ideas, the more I am passionate about it. 
Still here folks, passionately not following trends and getting cryticized for that almost 6 years, and this said... I can't wait to slowly introduce you this year's 6th anniversary's theme...shall be fun. Wish you to enjoy this last drops of summer, soon the beauty of a colorful autumn will enirch our spirits.
Always Your Creative Servant,

On the usual serious note, the last Fallen unreleased sets, that I did plan to release this summer, are here. Libertine and builds will come during next months. Hope you enjoy.

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