Friday, September 21, 2018

Seeker of Memories, 2018

Dear Fallens,
As the Countdown to the Anniversary starts ticking days off, returns the Seeker of Memories Hunt: a Treasure Hunt Adventure Located on the Archipelago of Fallen Gods Inc. Prizes Include Historical Fallen Mementos & Ascension tattoos for a total of 10 Shrines to Discover for the 10 Past Years. Prepare to celebrate this year's Festival by checking the old school Horrors I made back in 2007 and get amused with tortured prims and fancy torus necklaces to finish with more fancy mesh memorabilia. This Year's Hunt has a few items less than the Decennial Seeker of Memories which was a Special Edition, but for those that Hunted already this past year I added as an incentive the remake of the Ascension tattoo in 10 colors. Hope you enjoy and good hunting!

- Every day until the 30 September I will send a Notice with the Hint to the new Memory for you to find. Clues will also appear on this Blog Post and the Memories will be available to find until the 31 of October.
- Memories will be hidden over the whole Archipelago of Fallen Gods Inc. that includes the regions : Selidor, Athan, Annon and Aear
- You must be part of the Fallen Gods Inc. Group to receive your Memory, the Group is free to Join.

TELEPORT: SLurl to Selidor

~Fallen Gods Inc. 1st Memory~ Hint
"The First Memory lays protected and hidden under the ruins of the Ancient Elementals Temple."
~Fallen Gods Inc. 2nd Memory~ Hint
"To find the Second Memory you must take a break: order a drink, order some food and slow down life."
~Fallen Gods Inc. 3rd Memory~ Hint
"A will-o-wisp escaped from the third Memory Portal, but chasing it with an axe might not be necessary."
~Fallen Gods Inc. 4th Memory~ Hint
"Red fiery butterflies dance around the blue portal near roots of an ancient tree."
~Fallen Gods Inc. 5th Memory~ Hint
"The portal of dreams vibes and wonders if Seals dream of electronic fish?"
~Fallen Gods Inc. 6th Memory~ Hint
"Only true Fallens know how to reach the secret nest in the sea where the sixth portal appeared."
~Fallen Gods Inc. 7th Memory~ Hint
"It's a long way to the toilet but at least there's no queue."
~Fallen Gods Inc. 8th Memory~ Hint
"A Dust Elemental escapes as the portal appears, the Alchemist's underground tanks are at risk!"
~Fallen Gods Inc. 9th Memory~ Hint
"Take the portal if you wish to go deep sea diving, your equipment awaits you."
~Fallen Gods Inc. 10th Memory~ Hint
"The last Portal appeared in the place where it was missing: this is the best room on the Islands, and we all know that."

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