Saturday, September 1, 2018

Twisted Sigils

Twisted Hunting Season is live, and this Fall you are hunting for the last Sigil, Samael in 5 packs and all colors to find through a mini hunt that takes you fromthe first official Twisted gift to an extended Region adventure untila Bonus secret courtesy gift. Hope you enjoy,

More about Twisted:

Twisted Hunt Starting Point Slurl

Fallen Gods Inc. Temple Slurl

First Hint: "Find a cube unseen and hidden by climbing steps."

The Samael Sigil Minihunt
Dear Fallen and Temple Twisted Guest,
Thank you for your visit and participating in the Hunt. This is just the first part of a 5 pieces Minihunt that takes place on the Selidor Region of Fallen Gods Inc. To find the other 4 boxes follow the Hints and feel free to ask in the Official Fallen Gods Inc. group for Help.
Kind regards,
Alia Baroque

Group url:
(Copy paste in local chat and click, it's free to join)

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