Friday, September 28, 2018

Waiting for Fortune: Vanitas

Three days to the Festival that celebrates Fallen Gods Inc. 11th anniversary and less to find your Fortune. While waiting for the Teller to arrive every day the portal opens to let past Fortunes back now available for sale and 30% off until the 1st of October.
Hope You enjoy!

Vanitas Fortunes, released as Anniversary Fortune Ed. in 2016, now for sale in two Editions, Electric and Absinthe, discounted for the duration of the promotion.

P.S. I will be releasing Chronos tomorrow around the same time so to give Vanitas the same span where you can see the previews on Bots again. Hope you are enjoying the promotion and seeing the return of past Fortunes as well as the Seeker of Memories Hunt.

TELEPORT: SLurl to the Temple
More about the Anniversary

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