Friday, October 5, 2018

Elementals Reborn

Elementals are Reborn bringing to its Reflection, the number 11, new creatures made of matter and thought. The first incarnation of those creatures came to life on Year One of Fallen Gods and it's been the launch to the Grid of what today is known as the brand. They come through various portals and various events in a variety of gemmed runes on the classic tone Dust, hoping you will enjoy the ability to change intensity of the flares. With reflection and insight, Yours,

Elementals are, and will be, released on the following locations:
(All the sets will be available on sale at regular price at the Temple after the events)
Elemental Amethyst - available as prize for the Quasar Hunt, 3-31/10 (click this link to know more)
Elemental Citrine - will be available 31% off at the "Trick or Treat Lane" Event 12/10 - 2/11(coming soon)
Elemental Turquoise - available 30% off at the "We Love Roleplay" Event 4-31/10 (click this link for slurl)
Elemental Ruby - available 30% off at the "We Love Roleplay" Event 4-31/10 (click this link for slurl)

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