Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween & Festival End?

Dear Fallens, 
The time has come to close Fallen Gods Inc. 11th Anniversary Festival, or did it? I am currently up in the north to attend Samhuinn and won't be back before the 6th of November, this means I am not able to dismantle most of the activities on Selidor and the Festival setup. The Fortune, willing creators at the market, seeker of memories and activities areas will stay up until the 7th for you to complete, visit and enjoy them. QUASAR though ends tomorrow and today is its last day, so be sure to get your hunt done before tomorrow as the HUD givers will be deactivated and locations on the hunt path will probably get their stones off, remember just one stone missing makes the Hunt unable to get completed.
I hope you had a great time at this past festival month and I see you at my return, well loaded in rest, beer, fires and drumming.

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Slow Marks said...

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