Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ice Olympics 2018

The Festival hosts the Ice Olympics obstacle course and opens its Gates for a memorable week dedicated to Penguin abilities and sports. Gift Cards to be won to the best athletes! While the Olympics will last a full 24 hours the training obstacle course is already open for you to learn how to be the best Ice Athlete on the grid! Cayenne is also volunteering to teach you the basics and compete. Hope you enjoy!

23/10 8 am 
TRAINING Ice Olympics for Beginners, with Cayenne
24/10 8 am
TRAINING Ice Olympics for Beginners, with Cayenne
25/10 4 pm 
Ice Olympics Opening Party and Penguin Torch carriers
26/10 4 pm

Ice Olympics Award Ceremony and Celebration 
(Fishslapping required)
Ice Olympics Open 4 pm, 25/10 - Close 4 pm, 26/10

Previous Training scores will be reset before the Opening of the Olympics Day.

Some training music

All creatures are welcome! 
Tinier creatures are required to succesfully pass through the Course
Pingu Olympics - Spidey Pingu Olympics Cayenne Flower Pingu Olympics Testing 4 Pingu Olympics Testing 3 Pingu Olympics Testing 2 Pingu Olympics Testing 1 Pingu Olympics Portrait

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