Monday, October 24, 2011

...and the year that was.

A Personal Note
And so the golden year ends.
A year in which we needed a shiny and rich feel to contrast against the evident reality we throw behind when coming into this world we created. A year of Memory, of Crystals and Mysts, of Irradiated powers and living Trees. A year of insecurities and changes for Me at least, of choices, of challenges, of loss. A year of miracles, of solitude, of friendship and love. A year I wouldn't change of a second, because it was part of a story we live in, a gate to this 4th year, the Year of the Dragon.
When I started the Heaven from Hell timeline back in may, I wasn't sure where it will end precisely. The work on draco skins started already, and had that feeling I need to cover angels and demons in the future, lacking red tones. The whole merged while I started to re-read Bible's Revelation and also found out by personal delight that the next year will be actually for real the Year of the Dragon in the chinese horoscope. So the storyline continued until it came to a glorious end, and all because of you, in this last week with the Election and Party. Without you all those things do not exist, Fallen Gods Inc. doesn’t exists as its value and what I create comes to life with your presence, and without sounding too mushy I will just thank you for that deeply.

The Election
Thanks to all of you, participants and voters, for making this year's election again a fun week and a genuine socializing moment . I wish to congratulate all of you, but expecially our awesome Winners: Chelle Hawker and World Undercroft, Chelle made a beautiful image with them both:

Chelle Hawker And World Undercroft Fallen Gods 2011

The Anniversary
The anniversary started , as Mine says, memorable in it’s chaos and technical failure. I placed the stage high on top of the erupting volcano, as you can see it now with “The Arrival”, but the moment people started to come the lag became not bad, but unbearable, and we were only in 35 at the time so was impossible to continue. I chose to restart the sim and move the stage down on the sea, protected by the bay which turned out actually a nice setting too , intimate, and the lag retreated leaving space for 12 hours of beautiful people, kicking DJs (Nakuru Bergamasco, Rykk Ferraris, Kirana Rawley and Lainey Thorne, thank you awesome Warlocks! ) and genuine good time. It was for Me a great weekend, hope it was also for you. Here are some videos and pictures taken at the Party, I will include more as I get them. Please feel free to drop Me your pics if you did some, would love to keep them as memory. And now, almost time for Hallow Eve….


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