Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Zombie Strippers

Your throat is dry, your heart beating loud that feels almost jumped in your throat... sweating, running as fast as you can with your mind bursted into fear, then all of a sudden... you stumble and fall, and as you turn on side to raise on your feet what you see is: dozens of almost naked zombie strippers running and chasing you with rotten swinging limbs and hanging teeth.
They will eat your brains, so next not tip them!

October 28 till November 6
HAPPY ZOMBIE STRIPPERS & Multi Colour Bikinis & Thongs
Fortune Teller and Lucky Chairs Gifts




Kitty DeVaux said...

Yes please to both the Zombie Stipper goods and to the RevCo song!

Anna Schafer said...

They will eat your brains, so next not tip them!NYC strippers