Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Feel

Your powers strenghten, and the Beast gives you its blessing. Feel the power of the Dragon, and prepare for its arrival, the summoning is near.

The Descent, Info and How to play
To Honour You for supporting Fallen Gods Inc. in those 4 years and celebrate its 4th Anniversary there is a small game going on prior the party that will take the 22. Check here fore more informations.

The storyline and game, that will give you on completion this year's anniversary special outfit, is composed by 4 steps:

Each part has a HUD visual clue that gives you a hint on what to do and search, after that the hud can be detached and you can journey to explore and find the secret. Be sure to wear the Fallen Gods Inc. group tag, as the secrets are only for Fallens. If you missed the past steps you can get all the Huds inside the Temple by joust touching the Anniversary Invites (Lava fall and steaming crater with Invite image), all chapters will be available till October 23, 12pm slt. Hope you enjoy, I see you at the Anniversary Party,

Alia Baroque

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