Monday, October 3, 2011

Fallen God and Goddess Election 2011

Fallen God and Fallen Goddess 2011
To honor your support in those four years I will hold the already traditional competition that will be won by who best incarnates the vision of Fallen Gods through his/her eyes: The Election of 2011 Fallen God and Goddess.

Everyone is invited to participate, being you an old Fallen or brand new, and the requisites are very simple and will work in the following way, please give it a read.

(All prizes are for male and female, separate competitions)
FIRST PRIZE: 3 Full skin lines
(example: all hybrids + evolution + elves, one gender)
SECOND PRIZE: 1 Full skin line
(example: all hybrids, one gender)
THIRD PRIZE: 3 skins of choice.
RUNNER UP: One skin of choice.
All contestors will receive a limited edition gift for participating.

More secret awards with weird names will be given at the end of the competition during the Anniversary Event, the prize for those are by tradition a skin of choice.

- You will need a snapshot of yourself, this is the way people will be able to vote you. Your image will be your presentation card, it will summary all what you want to say so I suggest you take time to choose or to create one that really satisfies and represents you. The artistic value itself of the image and it’s originality will be for sure something that will help you getting noticed by the voters.
- You need to wear a Fallen Gods Inc. skin. All the rest: location, outfit, etc. is by your choice. It’s the only requirement, since without it the competition itself has no sense.
- There must be only one avatar in the image, yourself, otherwise it can get confusing. And it shall be only one pic.
- You will deliver to me, Alia Baroque, a FULL PERMISSIONS texture named FGI11 name surname (example: FGI11 John Doe). I will not exclude on prior who mistakes that, but I might not find your texture and so miss to place you in the voting. Also the ratio shall be that of a standard snapshot and monitor size (3:2), vertical and square cuts will have your image deformed. Please do not put your image in notecards, boxes or folders.
- I will accept your images untill Friday, October 14, 2011.
- On Saturday 15 I will place out the panels with your pictures, the system will be a single click vote by avatar, for all the pics one likes, so the Jury will be all SL that comes to Selidor. The voting will last untill friday 21 October included, the day before the Fourth Anniversary Celebration. In this occasion the winners will be announced.
- The maximum number of participants by gender is 30, so if it exceeds that number I will make a preliminary selection based mostly on the picture aesthetics and interesting look.
- Very Important: Please. Do not contact me about anything concerning this matter in IM or by note. I will have a very busy time untill the Anniversary and you really do not want me to be late with the new releases (AS ALWAYS I TEND TO BE, I know, I know...). If you fear I did not receive your texture, drop it again, I will not mind at all. (well, if you drop it 100 times I could mind). Anything else that will be needed to know will come by Group notice.

SUMMARY: rename pic as example, set permissions to copy modify and transfer, drop texture/pic alone to Alia Baroque then enjoy the election week untill the Anniversary Party.


Thank you very much for reading all this poem and considering participating in the Election,
Alia Baroque

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