Saturday, April 28, 2012

Burn Me or Drown Me?

Today, Saturday 28 April, 1pm SLT at the Tides sim, Fantasy Faire 2012
Elementals took possession over dragon spirits, enchaining their bodies with their marks, to make them more powerful for the ultimate challenge: Who will be granted the sacrifice of the Flesh Carver? Drown in the abyss or burnt to the skies?


You are kindly invited (oh whatever) to My Jail and bail, this Saturday, lasting just one hour from 1 to 2 pm SLT (and maybe a bit more if the party keeps rocking). You will be granted two incarnations, elemental fire or water through your donations and the higher army will win the right to administrate the ultimate sacrifice over the evil flesh carving idiot (lucky Me).
So come donate, grab home a unique special edition skin set and have fun in throwing at Me vegetables, dead seagulls, eggs, naked women (hint) while you discuss all kind of ways to drown or burn Me, see you there!
Yours (not for long)
And there's also a small bonus gift for all level of donations.

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