Saturday, April 7, 2012


When Marx asked me about filming a music spot at Annon I had no idea it will result in such a cool result. The band's music is really great, so glad to be in it. Thanks Marx and Beyond Violet.

Videoclip for the dutch gothic metal band, all band members were recorded in front of a greenscreen the backgrounds are computer generated , taken from virtual places in Second Life.
Beyond Violet - Cybercherry
Directed by Marc Cuppens aka Marx Catteneo.

Regions used are:
Annon, The Gate by Alia Baroque
The Looking Glass by Marcus Inkpen
Lost World by lolmac Shan
Thanks to Lizzy Ames for virtual location scouting.

Fiction Films / handheld machinima 2012.
Roxane (vocals), John (guitar), Ilona (keys), Chiara (bass) en Merlijn (drums)


Marx Catteneo said...

Thanx for this post and thanx for letting me use the sim, it really fits the style of the viceoclip..

Cheers, Marx/Marc

Ursula Floresby said...

Congratulations, Alia... the directors chose some wonderful builds, and yours was deservedly among those selected. :)