Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feelin hot hot hot

Captain Ferret & The Jungle Bungles in: 
Calypso Nights
Performing live hits such as: The Tide is High, Margarita, the Lion sleeps tonight, Jammin,Sunshine and more! Find us performing abusively at the Faire sims!

Calypso Nights is possible thanks to Totally Tinies and Just for fun, and the awesome SteelDrumSet on sale to support Relay for Life. Find it at their store at Jungle Bungle.

Exclusive message from Captain Ferret
I am in no way affiliated with Xavian, my archenemy, but I use his drums because so I can get to the motel all the groupies. We are a misterious band, dedicated only to tiny perdition and to insert the bug of fun into unaware passengers. Our exclusive shows are secret and our rave parties are comunicated through drunk seagull/pigeon messengers. If you are lucky to attend one of our shows it's because the seagulls were not drunk enaugh.
Captain Ferret is feelin hot hot hot.

Some pictures of the band's previous raves, on which they plan to claim legal issues and copyrights to the paparazzi:

Dancing at shifting sands Captain Ferret & The Jungle Bungles The Band Fantasy Faire 2012 tiny section Fantasy Faire-Jungle Bungle sim The Band Fantasy Faire 2012 Ya Mon Jungle Bungles
The Originals We have all the chicks Bungle Paws The Dancer
Your own Bungle Band


Breezy Carver said...

heheh :) adorable !!

Ursula Floresby said...

Alia, you never ever stop amazing people... Cap'n Ferret... indeed... *explodes in laughing*