Thursday, April 26, 2012

Petite Translucent Doves, Fantasy Faire Limited Edition

“Who are they?” Asked Hawk while cleaning carefully ankle feathers, dusted by wet sand.”They look like us, but…”
Raven kept quiet, letting the wings open to dry under the sun as they were laying on top of the house of planets. The sun was strong that day so it wouldn’t take long, but the curiosity to fly down and see again those small birds…. “I don’t know who are they, Hawk, but one thing am sure: they will probably hunt down only sardine minnows.”
From today till april 29, only at the Fantasy Faire, Me and Yabusaka are offering on full benefit of RFL male and female Translucent Doves. Those petites are a very limited edition that will not be available in other occasions. Please also remind that you need a capable mesh viewer to wear a petite and that this particular edition will not be eligible to updates, is copy only and is available with a minimum donation of 1000L.
At Fantasy Faire 2012, the Tides

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