Friday, October 23, 2015

Ode to the Ancients

picture by Aelva

This year's Last night before the Big party hosts something new and something very rare to catch in Second Life, something mesmerizing and fascinating: Theatre. Behind each act there's weeks and weeks of work and preparation, and The Night Theatre which I am honoured to host this year is one of the best you can see in Second Life. Ode to the Ancient is expecially made by Aelva and her troupe for the 8th Anniversary of Fallen Gods, and will perform twice tonight, at Noon slt and at 1 pm slt. Do not miss the chance, I hope to see you at the Garden roof,

Event Stage: SLurl
The Night Theatre Website

If today we have peace and culture and Athena watches over us, yesterday we had a much more spartan approach to life, here's a few captures of the now yearly Melee tournament
(And remember, cake or death)

The Melee Tournament The Arena Cake or Death! The Melee Tournament Tournament Winners Comfy Colosseum

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