Sunday, October 18, 2015

You are Invited

You are kindly invited to attend Fallen Gods Inc. 8th Anniversary Festival.
We will be delighted in your presence and company with the wish you'll enjoy yourself and have a wonderful experience of sound, touch, visuals and eternity.
Be my guest, 
Alia & Friends

Tonight we start with an amazing performance by the artist and friend Colemarie Soleil, a goddess of particles and sounds, at 1 pm slt, don't miss it!

Sunday, 18 October
1pm slt - Eternal Market Opening
1pm slt- Fallen God & Goddess Contest Voting Opening
1pm slt- Opening Ceremony Particle Show with Colemarie Soleil, the Particle Goddess

Monday, 19 October
2 Pm slt- Live Music with Phoenyx J

Tuesday, 20 October
1 Pm slt- Wacky Races!

Wednesday, 21 October
1.00 pm slt -  Eternal Hunt Start Postponed to Friday 23
Hunt lasts till 21 November

Thursday, 22 October◆
4 Pm slt- Melee Tournament
Special Polearm Edition (Courtesy sticks given)

Friday, 23 October◆
1 Pm slt- Ode to the Ancients
4 pm slt - Eternal Hunt Start
Theatre Performance by The Night Theater

Saturday, 24 October
THE ETERNAL Anniversary Party
Starting at 1pm slt, lasts 12 and more hours
Seven Djs, Trivia, Best in Contests, Themes and random Fallen MAdness

Sunday, 25 October
1pm slt - Fallen God & Goddess Contest Election 
3pm slt - Festival Closing Fireworks

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Lone Facet said...

The happy hour beers are listed in red on the menu with about twelve or so to choose from as I recall with some decent choices. Looks like the New York venues have a nice little pub menu but we did not try any of that on this evening.