Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Infinite Party

You are kindly invited to attend Fallen Gods Inc. 8th Anniversary Party.
Tonight, Today and Tomorrow, at Selidor.
Starting at 1 pm slt on Saturday 24 and ending, perhaps, on Sunday 25 at 1 am slt, will feature 7 themed shifts of Music and Imaginative vanity. Come join us for a yearly blast between crazy folks, friends, tinies pole dancing and hopefully good fun, 
I see you there, 

The Event Stage SLurl

HUNT UPDATE: The Hunt is officially tested and ready to go but the Opening is postponed to Sunday: we will wait to make it live for after the Party. Notoriously the Sim tends to be full for the whole duration so access to some parts of the Hunt and Final stage prizes might be limited while the Party lasts. Remember the Hunt will last till November 21.

Party Schedule
1 pm - 3pm DJ Lainey Thorne 
THEME: The Fallen Gods, Best Divinity look

3pm - 4.30pm DJ Alia Baroque
THEME: The Libertine’s Red Hour

4.30pm - 6.30pm DJ Da5id Abbot 
THEME: Demonica: Demons and Underworld

6.30pm - 8.30pm DJ Xavian Starsider
THEME: The craziest/most unique Avatar 
that ever lived

8.30pm - 10pm DJ Axi Kurmin
THEME: This is Halloween!

10pm - 11.30pm DJ Kirana Rawley Axi Kurmin
THEME: Back to 2007: pre mesh, 
pre sculpties, pre problems...

11.30pm - 1am? DJ Ainemari Flanagan 
THEME: The Tastefully Almost Nude. 
No nudity Allowed Eternal Shift.

Every Theme will Feature a Contest for best Female and Male Looks, Skin vouchers to be won for each for a total of 14 Prizes Plus special prizes announced during the Party.

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