Monday, October 26, 2015

The Eternal Hunt

Start your "eternal" journey through a grid wide Stamp Hud Hunt: buy your free HUD fill the eternity bar and collect the Prizes. The Festival might be over but we continue the celebration till Halloween: The Infinity Avatars and Market will be available till All Saints, while the Eternal Hunt lasts till November 21!

Starting Point SLURL: Buy your Hud at Selidor
There are many vendors scattered through the Festival Market area, one near the Fortune Teller and one at the Events board.

How to Hunt
Wear your Hud and it will prompt you to the first location, find the Infinity symbol and click it, you must be close enough to do so. Fill the Eternity bar and Collect your prizes!

This year too I wish to show you what I am fond of, as people and creators, in Second Life. I have wonderful friends that are worth visiting, and some are quite sadistic in Hunt item hiding apparently... which I approve! (As long I am not the Hunter). The Hunt starts as me alone providing a final gift and asking friends if they would like to host the stamp item in their stores, so people have to travel through the grid and then collect the prize... but every year I Am blessed with a bunch of crazy folks wanting to donate a gift, their imagination and creativity. So here's all the prizes of this year's Hunt!

Thank You Friends, for everything.

A special Thanks goes to Encaitaron Korobase of Solarium from scripting the HUD and making his pet James bite me so I can keep focused. Please Visit Solarium, best place for Magic Huds and more!

Visit Solarium

Prize Previews

The Sidera Starbon skinsets will be sold normally after the Hunt.

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