Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Festival Market: Thank You Friends!

--This post is somewhat Long, it has a personal thank you, Market Previews and some captures about the wonderfull crazy Wacky races that took place yesterday--
IMPORTANT: The Hunt start is postponed to Friday, tonight the festival takes some rest for the wicked.

The main reason why I do the Festival Market is to drag out of their den my creative Labrats friends and let them see the Sunlight....and it always pays off. Even with short notice many created something new for the Festival, from wonderful jewelry, to new hair colors, to Spinning rides, to God statues and little starry critters.... but most important of all: many took the time to enjoy some Second Life by chilling together, laughing and adding some relaxed memories to our usually busy routines. I am really happy to have them on my perfectly messy lawn, each easel is a smile and a friendship spot.

Come visit the roof garden Market, enjoy the sunset in Selidor and take a quiet evening on the Arcipelagus. Feel at home, 

Please Scroll Down for all the previews!

The amazing people that is sharing with you their creativity, talent and passions in SL and that I am honoured to host this year on Selidor, are: Acarna Drachios, AineMari Flanagan, Alpha Auer, Alrunia Ahn, Axi Kurmin, Chandni Khondji, Chandra Meehan, Clover Dezno, ColeMarie Soleil, Duchess Flux, Eldowyn Inshan, Elicio Ember, Elizabeth Tinsley, Encaitaron Korobase, Fenn MacMoragh, Garvie Garzo, Hasuko Kuramoto, Jalynne Ohmai, Kayle Matzerath, Kerryth Tarantal, Kilik Lekvoda, Lerochelle Destiny, Lokii Violet, Luna Barak, Manuel Ormidale, Mederia Seerose, Milu Laval, Mirja Mills, Miro Collas, MissAllSunday Lemon, Nicolias Sadoul, Paco Pooley, Raven, Pennyfeather, Rynn Verwood, Saiyge Lotus, Searlait Nitschke, Sharni Azalee,Sonya Marmurek, Susan Independent, Sweetgwendoline Bailey, Titania Halasy, Tithis String, Vasa Vella, Vixn Dagger, Xavian Starsider, Yuna Yuadl, Zuleicca.

With their respective brands: 22769, {Acios}, alpha.tribe, Animations Rising, Ankle Biter, Arcadia, Astalianda, ~AtaMe~, Balderdash, Cerridwen's Cauldron, Cole's Corner, !deviousMind, .:EMO-tions:., Faida, Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Frippery,~*Garden of Dreams*~, *~*HopScotch*~*, House of Rain, House of RFyre, Independent Objects, Lilith's Den, MacMoragh & Muse, meadowWorks, *Mederia*, Midnight Lotus, OXI, Roawenwood, Satyrs Moon, Solarium, .:Soul:., Spyralle, Stuff Xavian Made, ~*Sweet Revolutions*~, The Ippos Collective, The Looking Glass, Tideborns, Titans, Totally Tinies, United Inshcon, Unrepentant, Wasabi Pills, Vengeful Threads

And then a thankyou to my Bunny and her critters, for everything. (Allright... not the critters for everything, just for the refreshments and not going too much in my way. Don't blush to the ankles.)

Not only did we manage to litter Selidor in destroyed Wabugs flying from the sky, not only you had to suffer me DJing, not only there was Nagas(SNAKES) on planes...but we also managed to have a lot of fun. Thanks to all that participated! Here's some captures: 

Winner Closeup Excellent Landing! The Eight Ball Crashing Well Parked! Wacky Races Winners Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot

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